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It’s quick and easy. This tool will help calculate the income gap on retirement.
We need this information to calculate your client’s expected pension based on the contributions.
We need this information to calculate your client’s expected pension based upon the contributions.

Mind the Pension Gap for Financial Brokers

Retirement could last a long timetwenty years wouldn’t be exceptional.

Will your client have enough money for later years?

The research Aviva has conducted into Ireland’s pension position indicates that as a nation, we are not saving enough for our retirement. Aviva has developed a sophisticated pensions calculator to support Financial Brokers in identifying and raising the awareness of your clients’ potential income gap on retirement based on their current circumstances and certain assumptions.

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Retirement Goals

Adjust the figures to reflect your client’s individual situation

Close your client’s Annual Pension Gap by changing the inputs below

Target Income Achieved 123456
*Assumes total fund is used to purchase an annuity.
Important: Assumes total fund used to buy an annuity.



Employment Status


Personal Details

Adjust the figures to reflect your client’s individual situation

Start Date of Current Employment



Years OldAge

Marital Status

% of Salary
Target Income

0 Annually Monthly 0
What is my target income?

Years OldRetirement Age

Why do I have no state pension?

Tax Rate

Funds and Contributions

Adjust the figures to reflect your client’s individual situation

Non Pension


xxx% of Salary

0 Annually Monthly 0

xxx% of Salary

0 Annually Monthly 0

% of SalaryAdditional Voluntary Contributions

0 Annually Monthly 0


0 years left to retirement


Risk influences potential return

Next Steps

A summary of your retirement position

Annual Contributions

0 p.a.

Risk Profile


Estimated Pension Fund*

*This figure is not inclusive of current state pension

The contribution amounts below are shown in today’s terms. Projected values at retirement are displayed in round brackets

Your total estimated retirement pension is x p.a. Therefore your Resulting Pension Gap is x p.a.

Option 1: 100% Annuity

Your Pensions Savings Gap can be closed by increasing total regular contributions to x p.a.

Option 2: Tax-free lump sum and Annuity

If you intend to take your tax-free lump sum before purchasing an annuity then, to reach your retirement income goal, total regular contributions of x p.a. would be needed. The tax-free lump sum available to you where you are opting to purchase an annuity will be x (x).

Option 3: ARF (Approved Retirement Fund)

If you decide to go with the ARF option then to reach your retirement income goal, by drawing income at x p.a., total regular contributions of x p.a. would be needed. This option includes a tax-free lump sum of x (x).

If you would like a report emailed to you or your client on the information submitted and the outcomes projected, please enter your email details below. You can also generate the report to view it immediately.

Please note that upon exiting this calculator, no personal information inputted will be stored by Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland DAC.

The pensions gap is real and exists for everyone. You have taken the first steps towards closing your pension gap and ensuring that your retirement plans are on track to meet your needs. It is very important that you regularly review your retirement provisions, as plans made today may not be suitable tomorrow.

Earlier you selected the Executive Pension Plan text

empStat :
Pension :
Start M :
Start Y :
Gender :
Age :
Maried :
Ret Age :
Years S :
Target :
Ann Sal :
Sal Sum :
Sal Sum :
Taxrate :
Ee Cont :
Er Cont :
AdHoc :
Freq :
Fund :
Fund Nom:
Gap :
Gap Nom :
Ret Expenses :
Ret Expenses Nominal :
Annual Income TFLS :
State Pension Nominal :
Year Ee :
Year Er :
Year Vc :
YearLeft :
Allowed Cont :
Contribiutions :
Er Single Premium :
TFLS Real Exceeded :
Nominal Ann Growth Rate :
Nominal Salary Inc :
Income Total :
Income Total Nominal :
Monthly Nominal RateincExp :
Expense Rate :
Annuity Inc Without TFLS :
Annuity Income Nominal :
Annuity Income :
Annuity Rate :
Non Pension Assets :
Investment Term :
Investment Style :
Add Vol Contributiuon :
Annual Sal Income nom :
Annual Sal income :
Existing Pension Fund :